Current Agricultural Production

The Fitzroy and Wide Bay regions are the ‘catchment’ areas for agricultural exports through the Port of Gladstone.


  • Agricultural land in the Fitzroy region occupies 77 percent of the region.
  • The gross value of agricultural production in the Fitzroy region (2015-16) was $1.4 billion.
  • The most important commodities based on the gross value of agricultural production were cattle and calves ($1.04 billion), cotton ($77 million) and sorghum ($43 million).
  • Central Queensland houses three large export licensed abattoirs and one of the largest livestock sales facilities in the country is the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX).
  • New investment is being sought to extend the capacity and productivity of Central Queensland’s beef sector in response to increased global demand.
  • Central Queensland has advanced capability in beef production along the supply chain in breeding, backgrounding, feed-lotting and processing.
  • The region also produces an unequalled range of food products counter-seasonal to the northern hemisphere.

Wide Bay

  • The Wide Bay Burnett is Queensland’s largest agricultural area. Agriculture occupies 68 percent of the land area and accounts for almost 21 percent of the States total food and fibre production.
  • The gross value of agricultural production in the Wide Bay region (2015-16) was $1.4 billion, or 11 percent of the total gross value of agricultural production in Queensland ($13.2 billion).
  • The most important commodities in the region, based on the gross value of agricultural production, were cattle and calves ($396 million), sugarcane ($137 million) and mandarins ($114 million).
  • The area produced all of Queensland’s lentil production (2015-16).
  • It boasts Queensland’s largest timber plantations (softwood and hardwood) and produces two thirds of the state’s softwood plantation resources.
  • The Wide Bay fishing industry is based on scallops, prawns, spanner crabs, mackerel, mullet and reef fish. It is estimated to be worth about $37 million with a competitive edge based on the export quality of the region’s fresh and frozen products.

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